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Hey there, it’s me Alexander. I’m very passionate about pushing myself and improving myself every single day, and I’m not just doing lip service, I mean it. Here’s an example, some days I wake up at 05:00 am and go to a HIIT (high-intensity training) class, some times I jump out of planes, I do have cold showers every day and in general I do things that I’m not comfortable with.

In brief, I’m a guy, a simple guy that likes to share his thoughts and ideas – like everybody else and hopefully some people take an idea, implement the idea and then become a slightly better human.

The purpose of this podcast is to inspire and learn new things. Why Stay Stupid? Well, when we say we know everything, we’ve already lost. If we stay curious, well stupid and ask stupid questions to make sure we understand we are going to grow. And for me, growth and I mean mental fitness and character is one of the most important things.

About The Show

We all think we know it all, we are living in a world where saying that we don’t know something is equivalent to not being intelligent or smart. The truth is that saying that we don’t know something and being willing to learn shows strength and humility.

The more we are willing to accept that we don’t know something, the more self-aware we become. In this podcast we talk about ideas that will help us navigate through life easier, we share unfiltered opinions and things we can do to improve just a little bit. This is not a feel-good podcast.

This podcast is created for a few who are willing to listen and stay stupid to become wiser and slightly, I repeat slightly better. You will hear stories, thoughts and sometimes interviews, but we don’t know yet because the host, me, Alexander Novicov is staying stupid and doesn’t follow the rules.


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Some Pictures To Make You Think That I’m Cool

To go beyond our own expectations, we need to shift our mentality. It’s totally different game.

Alexander Novicov

So, one of the things I would love is for you to send me a message and let me know your thoughts on the show, or if you have any questions, you can always ask me anything you want. Except if your ex is going to come back to you.

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